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Casa de la Media Luna

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Nigel Jardine & Jane Carter (England), January 2013
Very peaceful and tranquil, a perfect place to relax, switch off and watch days go by. The sea is so close to the house, we feel we could reach out and touch it. Feels private and safe and yet lots to see and do. Perfect for pets and children to explore in safety.


Javier Urquiza & friends (Madrid, Spain) November 2011
Dear Elisa: We truly enjoyed some fabulous November days at Casa de la Media Luna! It´s so different from Madrid! I fully recharged batteries. Absolute quietness, nature in its wild state, pure air, the sea´s relaxing sound during the night and crystal clear water to swim, even in November, are the key to TRUE vacations. We shall return, thank you!


Lydia & Eyk Backer (Holland), 3 weeks on May 2010.
We´ve had a wonderful time in this beautiful house! And the children have enjoyed it a lot! We like Cabo de Gata so much that we are thinking about moving here for a year, so we already started Spanish classes! There´s something magical in this place that catches you. We have enjoyed a lot the views from the house, the terrace, the beach below the house… See you soon, Elisa.



Karina, Perico, Tamara & José A. (Murcia, Spain), December 2009.
This is our third time in the house and we hope to come back many more times! The dawn, the sunset, the views from the window, everything is unique! From the time you arrive, you breathe in peace, calmness… When you leave, you think back with nostalgia: “When will we return?” The weather was marvelous. We enjoyed it a lot. Also, we discovered new coves, marine species… We´ll be back soon!



MarĂ­a Angustias (Granada, Spain) & Robert (Canada), November 2009.
Elisa: I want to tell you that we have been very, very happy here in your house. The location was exactly what Robert and I were looking for. We see each other for 10 days every 4 months in different places of the world… Carmen Fernández, who stopped by Granada after being in Casa de la Media Luna recommended it to me, “right in the Gata cape”… and we have been very lucky to enjoy it for a few days. If we can, we will come back.
A thousand thanks to Angelita and sorry for making her come to open the door twice!... and to you, thank you so much for everything!
I have spoken about your house in my blog:



Frieder & Petra Ruge (Karlsruhe, Germany), November 2009
Dear Elisa: Tonight is our last night in Casa de la Media Luna. We have had a wonderful week in this beautiful place. The weather has been so good that we swam every day in the sea! It is a pity that we only saw a part of this area, so now we have a good reason to come back. Tomorrow morning we will have our breakfast one last time on the terrace with the views of the sea and the lighthouse. We´ll probably return. Kind regards from Karlsruhe, Petra & Frieder. See you soon! Smile



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