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How to get there from Almería airport:

The road to get from the airport is very easy and well indicated and the distance is 30 kilometres, as follows:
Exiting the airport, follow the sign “ALMERÍA-NÍJAR N-344” and continue on the same route.




Km 1: In roundabout, do not continue towards Almería: Exit at the “NÍJAR/MURCIA N-344” sign. Continue straight ahead and follow the coastline on the “NÍJAR/MURCIA N-344” road.



Km 4.2: Take the turning on the roundabout heading for the “NÍJAR/MURCIA/ RETAMAR/CABO DE GATA/SAN JOSÉ” exit.



Km 7.3: Roundabout. Take the “RETAMAR/CABO DE GATA/SAN JOSÉ” exit.



Go straight, on the main road.



Km 8.4: Roundabout: Take the “CABO DE GATA/SAN JOSÉ” exit. Go straight, following the main road.



Take the exit on the right which is in 15.5 kms. “CABO DE GATA” is written on the pavement.



Km. 17.5: Go through PUJAIRE village. Continue on the main road.



Km 20.8. Go through BARRIADA DE CABO DE GATA, a part of the San Miguel de Cabo de Gata town. There is a roundabout at the entrance of the village. Take a left onto the “PLAYA/FARO/SALINAS” exit. In the direction of “Mirador Las Sirenas/Faro”. You will see informative signs for the Natural Park.



Continue straight ahead, next to the beach there is the village of LA ALMADRABA DE MONTELEVA/LAS SALINAS. The most distinctive remark about this village is its church and the mountains of salt.



Km. 24.7: Go through LA ALMADRABA DE MONTELEVA village.



Km. 26.2: Go up the hill, following the “AULA DEL MAR/EL CORRALETE” SIGN.



Descending from the hill you will be able to see the lighthouse and a complex of 6 houses next to the beach. This is the small community where the house lies.



Km. 29.2: Do not go in the direction toward “AULA DEL MAR”. Before approaching the lighthouse you will see a road on your right indicating the beach “PLAYA DEL CORRALETE”. Take that road. The bar-restaurant “EL FARO” is right in front of the crossroads.



Enter the houses complex by lifting the gate (a key to the gate will be provided).


How to get there from Madrid and Barcelona on the highway:

For those whose starting point is Madrid, we recommend the itinerary toward Murcia. Coming from Madrid or Barcelona through the Mediterranean highway (E-15), take exit 467 toward “CABO DE GATA/PARQUE NATURAL/N-344”. Previously, there are exits indicating “CABO DE GATA/PARQUE NATURAL”, but they are not recommended since they are longer roads. We advise you to take the last exit to the park, which is number 467.

After a long narrow road, you will come across a roundabout and you will have to continue straight ahead onto a second roundabout, called Retamar/El Toyo. Take the “RETAMAR/CABO DE GATA/SAN JOSÉ” exit.

From here, follow the indications above from the roundabout at 7.3 kms..




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